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Why Marketing Matters in Mass Torts

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When it comes to a mass tort practice, marketing is a totally different animal from what you have experienced in your typical personal injury practice. While many lawyers cringe at the idea of advertising, marketing determines the difference between those who rise to the top and those who stagnate in the daily grind. And while the idea of directing a marketing campaign to injured consumers might seem callous, if you aren’t doing it, then your competitors are. Even subpar lawyers can get loads of clients with savvy marketing.

You have the skill set to help injured victims get the recoveries they need, but if they don’t know you’re out there ready to take on corporate giants head to head, they won’t hire you. As Terry Dunken notes in Mass Tort Secrets, “This is serious business. This is big stakes. And deeply imbedded within every one of these battles is the issue of morality.”

A mass tort practice is a business. Unless you just get lucky, understanding the numbers will determine your success or failure in the mass tort universe.

For example, a small personal injury practice toying with the idea of starting a mass tort practice will need to examine the entire budget of its law firm before advertising for mass tort plaintiffs. In your traditional PI practice, you would typically buy some television ads and maybe post a few billboards where you suspect potential plaintiffs live or work. But with mass torts, your clients aren’t being referred to you by their neighbors. They will usually see your ad on social media or Google and call you from across the country.

This is where a good strategic marketing plan can help you get your ads in front of the right people in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Marketing, combined with a savvy, 24/7 intake process, will greatly increase your success in the mass tort arena.


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