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The People vs. 3M Part 1

Understanding the Government Contractor Defense The industrial conglomerate 3M started life as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing in 1902. Since that time, the company has grown into one of the largest corporations in the world, current ranked at #103 on the Fortune 500. Makers of

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and as the pandemic continues, it has been more important now more than ever to think about mental health within your home life, and your work, and

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Future of Paraprofessionals

If you are a paraprofessional or are thinking of becoming a paraprofessional, you may be wondering about the future of paraprofessionals. Paraprofessionals can look forward to all kinds of conversations, potential changes, and active changes. For attorneys building their team,

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Where Mass Tort Attorneys Find Their Science

Mass tort cases often involve complex issues. Including issues of causation, design flaws/negligence, and their effects on people. Because of the magnitude and the stakes involved, parties invariably enlist the support of various experts, commonly scientists. And this is where mass

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Men In Law Spotlight: Ben Crump

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Mass Tort Institute is proud to spotlight civil rights attorney Ben Crump, founder and president of Ben Crump Law, who represents clients in some of

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Mine The Gap: Data Mining in Law and Decisions in Mass Torts

Mass tort law firms generate and store unfathomable amounts of data. Most of that data has been digitized and enterprising firms that recognize the untapped value of their data have begun to leverage their case management databases to mine for additional legal claims and valuable insights. In this blog we

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Elmiron Legal Update

Elmiron litigation is moving along with a fast-paced judge in a fast-paced MDL (#2973).  The Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation (JPMDL) issued the order creating the Elmiron MDL on December 15, 2020, and centralized it in the District of New

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Mass Tort Madness Final Four Firms

In American sports, the final four are the last four teams in a playoff tournament. Usually, the final four compete in the two games of a single-elimination tournament’s semi-final game. To make it to the final four, the teams must beat many other competitors;

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