Tort Selection

Incorporating mass tort cases into your portfolio can be the factor that takes your firm to the next level. It can also be an overwhelming undertaking. Before you start, make sure you have a thorough understanding of mass tort litigation, as well as what business model will work best within the existing structure of your firm.

Determining which mass tort cases to get involved in is an important part of the process. Like single event cases, not all mass tort cases are viable. Mass tort litigation requires significant resources so you will want to be confident in the choice you make. Some areas of investigation include:

  • Research on the science and experts involved in the claim
  • Specific and general causation theories
  • Likelihood of surviving a Daubert/Frye challenge
  • Budgeting the cost per client acquisition
  • When to start, pause, or end marketing campaigns
  • Other mass tort firms involved in the litigation

The Mass Tort Institute’s Tort Selection Research Checklist will help you stay

organized and ensure no step is missed in your evaluation of potential dockets to pursue. Whether you are a solo practitioner or have a team of lawyers and support staff to assist, you will be able to start evaluating existing and emerging mass tort dockets right away!

At MTI we offer a variety of products to assist practitioners looking to enter the mass tort industry including online self-led courses to help you strategically plan and time your entry, execute your plan and build your network, and ultimately

maximize your return by getting the best settlements possible for your clients.


The handy Tort selection research checklist can be used to verify important steps when choosing a mass tort to invest in
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