About MTI

Attorneys, paralegals, and other leading experts in the mass tort industry dedicated to designing and implementing best practices to help firms grow their business and provide excellent client service.

Mass Tort Institute

The Mass Tort Institute is an education and training company founded by attorney, CPA, and mass tort business practitioner Terry Dunken. Terry’s successes and setbacks in the mass tort industry have given him key insight into working with legal vendors, co-counsel, defense attorneys, and other important players to resolve legal claims for thousands of injured victims.

We believe that a well-educated and trained workforce of attorneys, paralegals, paraprofessionals and other allied legal team members will result in higher compensation and more satisfied mass tort clients. It will also enable law firms like yours to add on a profitable practice area while providing career opportunities for a growing workforce.

Our mission is to equip legal professionals with the tools they need to successfully resolve legal claims against some of the largest corporations in the world.


Terry Dunken, Esq., successful entrepreneur, business owner, and mass tort business practitioner is managing partner of the Dunken Law Firm and founder of the Mass Tort Institute. Terry has represented clients for more than 30 years. His many years of practice bring a strong understanding over the law and how to maximize the value his clients receive in their cases.

Terry works tirelessly in the case work-up phase of litigation to ensure that his clients’ best interests are served. Litigation is always stressful and Terry’s calm demeanor brings piece of mind to his clients through years of difficult negotiation. Education is Terry’s passion. Mentored throughout life by his Aunt Kaye, retired Assistant Superintendent and Director of Curriculum & Instruction for Houston Independent School District, Terry has brought a growth mindset into everything he does. He believes life is simply stagnant if you don’t share your lessons, failures, and successes with others.

He is a graduate of the University of Houston and University of Houston Law Center. Terry lives with his wife of 47 years, Sherri, in Houston, Texas.

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