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Mass tort lawsuits are complicated, expensive, and high risk. Mass Tort Secrets is your guide to running a successful mass tort practice. You will learn how to build and profit handsomely from a mass tort practice and here at the Mass Tort Institute we will walk you through the entire process, from your first baby steps to your fully operational practice.


  • 12 principles for launching a client-focused, financially successful mass tort practice
  • How to strategically select torts and budget appropriately
  • How to build solid, compensable cases that yield the best recovery
  • How to fully monetize your mass tort investment

A Message from Founder

Terry Dunken

Unlocking the Mysteries Behind Achieving Mass Tort Success

You have chosen to pursue success as an attorney in the mass tort industry. You have a real opportunity here. You can make a difference in the lives of a large number of people who have suffered injuries caused by dangerous drugs, defective products and wrongful activities by corporations—and then do it again and again. That’s terrific.

Now What?

For starters, realize your real opportunity will come with real risk. There are lots of moving parts you must corral and master. It is also expensive to select, litigate and, hopefully, settle these large but important cases. It takes careful planning, strategy, discernment, management acumen, and patience to turn your bet on yourself into thriving mass tort practice.

To EARN, you must first LEARN

I know. I have been there. And I am still here today and doing better than ever. The risks I have taken as a mass tort entrepreneur have proven to be incredibly rewarding, as an attorney, a leader for my clients, and especially a businessman. I want mass tort law to grow even more explosively, to become an even more powerful force that makes our world safer and healthier. That’s why I wrote Mass Tort Secrets. Use Mass Tort Secrets as your playbook to becoming a profitable businessperson ready and able to handle all of the clients, processes and challenges that will eventually come your way. As I say early on in the book, you can be a successful mass tort professional and never come near a courtroom. How? By being efficient and collaborative, and by developing a mindset for marketing and aggregation.

In this book, I cover such valuable topics as:

• Getting started

• Selecting the right cases, vendors and co-counsel

• Knowing your opponent and developing your cases

• Attracting capital and (perhaps) achieving 20-times returns

• Budgeting for the long game

• Preparing for battle and litigating mass torts from end to end

• Settling cases strategically

I do not pretend the road you are about to travel will be easy. At times, you will feel like a tightrope artist walking the wire in bare feet. You can make it to the other side of the wire feeling like a champion, though. I know it because I have done it. I believe you can do it, too.

Here’s to your success, and to learning the secrets that will help you get there.

To get in touch, you can email me at

I look forward to helping you achieve success!

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