What are the 3 Pillars of Mass Torts?

The 3 Pillars of Mass Torts is the companion workbook to Mass Tort Secrets and a tangible starting point for launching a mass tort practice. Upon completion of 3 Pillars of Mass Torts, attorneys will take away the foundational elements of running their own thriving mass tort business. Whether you’re in an established mass tort firm seeking a “reset” or starting with a clean slate, 3 Pillars will take your game to the next level and educate you on running a successful mass tort firm.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The first Pillar of mass torts is Strategic Planning and includes tips on tort and vendor selection and budgeting.

Maximizing Your Return

The second Pillar of mass torts is Maximizing Your Return, which requires close attention to how you finance, work up, and settle your cases.

Executing Your Plan

The third Pillar of mass torts is Executing Your Plan and provides advice on streamlining your practice and an introduction to bellwether trials.

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