Law Firm Operations

Law firm operations is who and what it takes to run your business aside from the actual practice of law. It involves strategic planning, legal project management, financial oversight, and legal industry expertise. The goal of operations is to improve law firm performance.

Legal operations cover a broad range of fields, including data analytics, finance, and marketing. Operations professionals work with law firm management to choose the right legal technology, identify and manage risks, and monitor compliance.

Below are some resources to help operations professionals improve productivity, reduce costs, and cultivate a healthy work culture.

MTI’s Paperless Bootcamp

Most law firms understand the critical need to ditch files, but many get hung up on how to start what seems like a monumental task. Overcoming resistant employees, investing in and learning new technologies, and documenting paperless policies and procedures are just some of the foundational areas we tackle throughout our week-long paperless bootcamp.

As a companion to our 5-day paperless bootcamp, this workbook is designed to help your law firm implement paperless policies and procedures.


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