Mass Tort Academy offers online trainings, courses and certification programs for attorneys, paralegals, and other paraprofessionals, such as legal assistants, case workers, and intake specialists.

Mass Tort Academy

At The Mass Tort Institute, we mentor legal professionals for success in the mass tort industry. Continuing education is essential to professional growth, and Mass Tort Academy offers certification programs and classes for attorneys, paralegals, and other paraprofessionals, such as legal assistants, case workers, and intake specialists.

The Mass Tort Academy was founded on


Your goal is to settle your clients’ cases for the highest amount possible but without a strategy how will you get there? From business strategy and law firm operations to client care and collecting compensation, our courses are designed to teach you how to:

  • Create and execute a vision for your mass tort practice
  • Establish your firm’s mission and core objectives
  • Determine your role/position in the mass tort marketplace
  • Design processes and procedures at every step of mass tort litigation
  • Define your financial and personal goals and how they will be measured and evaluated



Every case you acquire won’t have value but through careful planning and execution, you can get the best result for each case that does have value. Maximizing your results in the mass tort arena requires:

  • Effectively managing your time and resources
  • Using social media and other technology to improve customer service
  • Getting the highest ROI out of your costs to acquire cases
  • Maintaining excellent personal and professional relationships
  • Staffing your law firm with quality team players


While a business plan outlines your goals and where your money will come from and go, your execution plan outlines specifically what needs to be done and when. By carefully executing on your business plan, you can increase efficiency, minimize risks, and improve communication between employees, co-counsel, defense counsel, vendors, investors, and other key players. Executing on your plan requires:

  • Both short term and long-term goals
  • Project scheduling and progress reporting
  • A staffing plan for attorneys, paralegals, and other paraprofessionals
  • Detailed cost information for every step in the claims process
  • Plan for internal and external communication

Mass Tort Academy’s mission is to give mass tort professionals an innovative and comprehensive vehicle for business growth and success.

The Practice Management courses provide the foundational knowledge needed to build a successful mass tort firm and support team. Choose from Practice Management for Attorneys or Practice Management for Paraprofessionals.


Paraprofessionals are the backbone of mass tort case management. They work directly with clients, often speaking to them more than the attorneys litigating their cases. Many mass tort law firms provide inadequate training particularly around why certain actions must take place when trying to resolve a legal claim. Practice Management for Paraprofessionals aims to equip current and future workers with the background knowledge necessary to effectively perform their job duties and functions.


Mass tort attorneys must juggle business decisions, client interests, and zealous competitors while maintaining legal ethics and getting results for thousands of victims. Practice Management for Attorneys aims to equip current and future mass tort attorneys with the knowledge and skills needed to run a thriving mass tort law practice that will maximize your investment and deliver the best results possible for your clients.

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