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Paraprofessional Working

Control in Chaos: 7 Top Tips for Task Management

Working in the legal field as a paraprofessional can be a rewarding career but can also be very demanding. Paraprofessionals have a multitude of duties depending on whom they work for and what their specific jobs entail. On any given

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Cui Bono?: Understanding Common Benefit Fees

Part 1 – The Whys and the Hows The goals of a mass tort practice in selecting and litigating specific multidistrict litigation are to achieve a successful outcome for clients, optimize the settlement payouts those clients receive—and maximize your firm’s

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Mass Tort Selection Tips: Using PACER To Stay Current

Keeping abreast of the latest news and information in mass tort requires organizing your sources of information and using a combination of court filings, news alerts, and networking to track developments. One of the easiest ways to monitor a litigation

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Proof of Use v. Proof of Injury in Mass Torts

A tort is an act or omission other than a breach of contract that causes injury or harm to an individual and constitutes a civil wrong that allows courts to impose liability. Torts fall into three general categories: intentional tort

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The Future of Consumer Privacy Litigation

While mass tort and class action lawsuits often take root following claims of physical harm, the multidistrict litigation brought against the facial recognition company Clearview AI likely indicates an expanding view of what is legally actionable harm today, at the height of modern technological growth.   Clearview AI, a

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