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The People v. 3M Part 5: Putting a Good Face on Bad Cases

The industrial conglomerate 3M started life as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing in 1902. Since that time, the company has grown into one of the largest corporations in the world, currently ranked at #103 on the Fortune 500. Makers of Scotch tape and other widely

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The Difference Between Mass Torts and Class Actions

The difference between mass torts and class actions is subtler when comparing other cases, as they often start due to similar circumstances. However, there are still many distinctions between mass torts and class actions and how they are handled. Whether

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How Do Mass Torts Work?

Mass torts work as civil actions involving numerous plaintiffs against one or a few defendants in state or federal court. The lawsuits arise out of claims the defendants caused numerous injuries through the same or similar acts of harm. Mass

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What is Medical Monitoring?

“Medical monitoring is one of a growing number of nontraditional torts that have developed in the common law to compensate plaintiffs who have been exposed to various toxic substances toxic substances.” In re: Paoli R.R. Yard PCB Litigation, 916 F.2d

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