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Judge Leigh Martin May ParaGard, ParaGard MDL

Judge Leigh Martin May Presides Over Paragard MDL

In December of 2020, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia consented to the transfer of Paragard T380A intrauterine birth control devices to multidistrict litigation. Entered in the JPML’s online docket on Dec. 16, the Consent of Transferee Court was signed on Dec. 8 and noted that the multidistrict litigation docket was

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Police Brutality Cases: Emerging Civil Litigation

Civil suits piling up, mass torts likely to follow The disproportionate rates at which police use excessive and deadly force against racial minorities in the U.S. is a matter of significant national concern. While the number of cases involving police misconduct continues to grow, plaintiffs’ attorneys are grappling with how to hold these civil servants

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Gender Bias in the Civil Justice System

Why women plaintiffs receive smaller damages awards than men in civil lawsuits. As a routine practice, women plaintiffs receive lower damages awards than men. The use of gender-based actuarial tables to determine loss of future earnings in personal injury and wrongful death cases has had pervasive negative consequences in civil litigation. The practice of using

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Innovative Approach to Battling Human Trafficking

Human trafficking survivors claim hotel chains are complicit in human trafficking and could intervene, but to date profitability has prevailed. Victims now have the hospitality industry in the crosshairs. The Scale of Human Exploitation In 2017, the International Labour Organization estimated that 24.9 million people in the U.S. were victims of forced labor, including: 16

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Benicar Maker Unfazed by Lawsuits

  Benicar remains on the market despite an FDA investigation, scientific studies proving its risks, and millions paid in settlements. Benicar, a hypertension medication, has been sold in the U.S. by Daiichi Sankyo since 2002. Its active ingredient, olmesartan, has been linked to celiac symptoms since 1965. Physicians who saw hypertension patients experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms

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Top 4 Reasons Intake Mistakes Aren’t Inevitable

Smart intake practices can make all the difference in your firm’s success.
You may not realize it, but intake mistakes could be causing potential revenue to slip through your fingers.
Here are the top five most common intake mistakes costing firms money and how you can avoid them — and convert more leads into clients.

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Why Having a Business Mindset is So Important in Mass Torts

Serving more clients and boosting your bottom line in the process are great reasons to get into mass torts. But mass tort lawsuits are complicated, expensive, and high risk. That’s why a business mindset is critical to your success. At every stage of the process, from strategic planning to maximizing your return to executing your

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Allergan Finally Held Accountable for Breast Implant Cancer Cases

Recipe for Injury and Death Combine: 1 multi-billion-dollar international corporation 1 dangerous product 400,000 customers each year in the U.S. alone 1 weak regulatory agency Many missed opportunities to disclose the dangers Bake: For a decade or so. Yield: Hundreds of cancer diagnoses and a big, fat product liability MDL. The company is Allergan, and they truly

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