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Mass Tort Madness Final Four Firms

In American sports, the final four are the last four teams in a playoff tournament. Usually, the final four compete in the two games of a single-elimination tournament’s semi-final game. To make it to the final four, the teams must beat many other competitors;

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Mass Tort Madness: Elite Eight Attorneys

What makes a good lawyer? It’s not an easy job and not everyone is cut out for it. Approximately one-quarter of all lawyers leave the profession within their first seven years of practice. Mass torts, one of the most complex and technical

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Mass Tort Madness: Sweet 16

Mass tort vendors help firms function more effectively, efficiently, and competitively. An industry that services tens of thousands (and in some cases hundreds of thousands) of clients cannot go it alone. From litigation support to document management and legal intake,

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Baby Food Heavy Metals Report Spurs Litigation

We have all been in the grocery store and noticed the parent pacing the baby food aisle trying to carefully select the best option for their growing child. From infant formulas to table food and hand-held snack pouches, the choices seem

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Attorney Spotlight: LaRuby May

La Ruby May Fighting for Justice in Courts and Community Attorney. Constituent services director. Real estate developer. Washington, DC, Ward 8 councilmember. A single, shining thread runs through all the roles LaRuby May has tackled in her career: a tireless

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Judge Leigh Martin May ParaGard, ParaGard MDL

Judge Leigh Martin May Presides Over Paragard MDL

In December of 2020, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia consented to the transfer of Paragard T380A intrauterine birth control devices to multidistrict litigation. Entered in the JPML’s online docket on Dec. 16, the Consent of

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Police Brutality Cases: Emerging Civil Litigation

Civil suits piling up, mass torts likely to follow The disproportionate rates at which police use excessive and deadly force against racial minorities in the U.S. is a matter of significant national concern. While the number of cases involving police

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Gender Bias in the Civil Justice System

Why women plaintiffs receive smaller damages awards than men in civil lawsuits. As a routine practice, women plaintiffs receive lower damages awards than men. The use of gender-based actuarial tables to determine loss of future earnings in personal injury and

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Innovative Approach to Battling Human Trafficking

Human trafficking survivors claim hotel chains are complicit in human trafficking and could intervene, but to date profitability has prevailed. Victims now have the hospitality industry in the crosshairs. The Scale of Human Exploitation In 2017, the International Labour Organization

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